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Embracing the Digital Shift Benefits of Adopting Digital Dental Technology


Leveraging digital dental technologies significantly reduces the time taken from preparation to final seating. Intraoral scanning enables immediate commencement of the lab process once the preparation appointment concludes, eliminating the need for transit time to our lab. Since the restoration process starts instantly, it's completed faster, meaning we only need three in-lab days for digital cases. This prompt service allows your office to speed up billing, enhancing cash flow.

Even for practices still using traditional impressions, we offer an in-lab digitization service to speed up the restoration process.

Moreover, digital restorations make the final seating appointment quicker, resulting in satisfied patients and more efficient use of your practice's time.


Digital file transfers from your office to ours negate the need for model work, eradicating that expense. The resultant cost savings are directly passed on to your practice 

Practices using intraoral scanners save on impression material costs.

While there's an initial investment for the scanner, the long-term return on investment makes it worthwhile.

With digital restorations reducing the final seating appointment duration, you can reallocate that time to other profitable areas of your practice. Plus, quicker seating allows you to bill insurance companies sooner.


Our team at Leru Dental Lab prides itself on crafting precise restorations. We collaborate closely with your office to fine-tune details like contacts, occlusion, gap space, etc., allowing us to consistently deliver reliable and predictable restorations. We've seen these meticulous efforts yield positive results repeatedly with our partner dental practices.

A crucial advantage of digital technology is the reduction of the patient's time spent with a temporary restoration, which leads to a better fitting final restoration. Regardless of the restoration type or manufacturing process, shortening this period with digital technology allows us to deliver a superior product more quickly.


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